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5 Best FREE Apps to Keep You Organized

5 Best Apps to Keep Organized

You all know that I’m a massive organization junkie.  Part of that obsession is that I’m always trying out new apps that promise to help organize various things.  The truth is, I delete most of them within a few days because they end up being more cumbersome than I had hoped.  It’s hard to find apps that actually make your life easier.

Today, I’m going to share my 5 favorite FREE apps that at this point, I don’t think I could live without.  I hope some of these help you too!

Google Keep - 1 of the 5 best FREE apps to keep organized

Google Keep

The first app on my list is Google Keep.  It’s available for both Android and iPhone.  I love Google Keep because it lets me jot down random thoughts that I can access seamlessly between devices and my laptop.  I create shopping lists (because this app is much friendlier on your battery than most of the grocery list apps), reminders, and just any old random thing.  I even save notes about things my friends like.  The notes become searchable, so the next time I’m at Starbucks, I can just punch in my friend’s name and up comes her order, so I can surprise her with a favorite drink.

Goodreads - 1 of the 5 best FREE apps to keep organized


Alright, while Goodreads isn’t necessarily an app I use every day, this one still makes the cut.  I know it’s a great place to find book reviews or enter giveaways, but I love this app solely for the purpose of having a list, with ratings, of every book I’ve read.  Trying to think of the name of a book you’re recommending to a friend?  Check Goodreads.  Reading the description of a book and it sounds a little too familiar?  Check Goodreads.  You can even keep a listing of books you want to read, but haven’t yet, which will make life easier next time you’re overwhelmed in the bookstore.  Goodreads is available for both Android and iPhone.

Google Calendar - 1 of the 5 best FREE apps to keep organized

Google Calendar

Google makes another appearance on the list with Google Calendar, for Android and iPhone.  I’ve tried a few calendar apps, and Google Calendar continues to be my favorite.  It allows you to integrate several different calendars into one view.  On my normal view, I see calendars for my husband, myself, the kids, our Girl Scout troop, birthdays, and local activities.  You choose the colors to set for each calendar, which makes it easy to differentiate what’s happening when you look at the display.

One of my favorite things about Google Calendar is using the reminders and address inputs.  Our dog has a specialty vet he checks in with from time to time.  He doesn’t go very often and I’m not really familiar with the area.  When I enter his appointments in the calendar, I insert the address.  Then I set the reminder to go off about an hour in advance to give myself enough time to get there.  When the reminder goes off, I click on it, it takes me to the full entry.  On that detail screen, I just click the address and it brings up GPS directions to get there.

Alarm Clock Xtreme - 1 of the 5 best FREE apps to keep organized

Alarm Clock Xtreme

I’ve been using Alarm Clock Xtreme for years.  This one is available for Android, but sadly, not for iPhone.  This app is made by AVG, who make a great antivirus tool for PCs.  I personally use the Pro version, but the only difference from the free one seems to be that I don’t see ads.

I’m an incredibly deep sleeper.  I always have been,  I’ve always had to keep alarm clocks across the room, and even then, sometimes I just get up in my sleep and unplug them.  I’ve even tried natural light alarm clocks to signal to my body it’s time to wake up, and it still hasn’t worked.  Alarm Clock Xtreme works brilliantly.  You can choose various tasks to wake up and then the difficultly of those tasks.  For me, I set it to do a bunch of math problems at medium difficulty and that seems to do the trick.  The app supports multiple alarms, has a stop watch feature and a timer.  I couldn’t stay on time without this app forcing me to get up in the morning.

Period Tracker Lite - 1 of the 5 best FREE apps to keep organized

Period Tracker Lite

There are few things worse that being surprised by your period.  I love Period Tracker Lite (available for both Andriod and iPhone).  You just tap a button to alert the app when your period starts and again when it ends.  It keeps a log of all your periods, how long your average cycle is, and any time you open it up, you can see your next projected start day.  This is especially awesome if you don’t have a perfect cycle.  Period Tracker Lite learns your cycle and adjusts when there are changes.  There is a pay version for more tracking, which looks great if you want to track ovulation.

So these are the 5 apps I need to keep functioning.  What are some of your favorite apps that keep your life organized and why do you love them?






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2 thoughts on “5 Best FREE Apps to Keep You Organized

  1. Jean says:

    I’d never make it with that alarm app, yikes! My favorite app is the Cozi organizer. It’s free or you can pay a small fee for a premium version. I use it to keep track of all our schedules and it will email the weekly schedule to us each Sunday. I recently paid for the premium version which now allows me to notify of updates which is great since my work schedule can be very unpredictable.

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks Jean! I’ll have to check that out! I like the idea of having the week’s events emailed to everyone 🙂

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