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April Construction Wrap Up

Whew!  We thought March was full of progress.  April has been absolutely crazy.  What was a covered frame at the end of last month, is now practically a livable space.

Building a house: Thermoply is added

At the start of the month, the house looked the way it does in this picture.  It’s a bit rough, but most definitely a house.  After a bit of drama, we got our windows and plumbing.

Building a house: The ups and downs, sometimes all in one week.

Now, in the final week of April, the exterior has had some paint, the last windows are in, and we’ve got garage doors.  Now it looks like this:

April Home Construction Wrap Up:  Building a House

I was excited to see the scaffolding on the side of the house.  The bricks will start going up this week.

April Home Construction Wrap Up:  Building a House

All those bright red and white bricks will be up soon enough!  Let’s go inside the house.

April Home Construction Wrap Up:  Building a House

What’s that I see?  Walls!!  Walls everywhere!  This is the kitchen with the future island.  The brown spots on the walls is the texture (yuck!).  The parts that were still wet when I visited were dark.  The parts that were dry were white.

April Home Construction Wrap Up:  Building a House

I never thought I’d be so giddy over unfinished walls.

April Home Construction Wrap Up:  Building a House

In the bathroom wet areas, instead of the regular drywall like the rest of the house, this thick, grey, sturdy dry-wall like board was put up all around.  I assume it’s some sort of waterproof drywall.

So, that’s the status of our home construction.  May should be all about the details:  cupboards and counter-tops, light fixtures, paint, floors, trim and doors…oh, and all that brick!  At the end of May, it should all be just about wrapped up for an early June move-in.

It’s been a crazy ride for the last 5 months, but what seemed like it would take forever is actually moving along and sometimes I have to pinch myself at the surrealness of it all.  It reminds me so much of Christmas or birthdays when I was a kid:  I knew they would happen, but the excitement and anticipation that they were actually about to happen was overwhelming.

I can’t wait to get into this house and start decorating and DIY’ing this baby!  Thanks for coming along!


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3 thoughts on “April Construction Wrap Up

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    I think the bathroom drywall is cement boards and good job if they are! Much better against humidity and mold.

    You have walls!

    1. Christine says:

      That makes sense! Thanks! How do you know that?!

      I always feel like such a dork talking to our construction managers because everything is “that white stuff on the wall” or “that box thing in the ceiling” or “that red tube thing”. I guess a lot of people are that way though, because they always know what I’m talking about.

      1. TwoPlusCute says:

        Haha I am the same. I just have a father in law that has explained a lot of things to me.
        I have read about cement boards because mold is my enemy and I sooo wish we had cement boards too in our baths.

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