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Blogs and Bloggers 2/12/16

Looking for something great to read? Check out Blogs and Bloggers: a weekly feature of the best blog posts on the Internet

Welcome to a new feature called (for now) Blogs and Bloggers.  There’s so much great content put out every week by other bloggers that I think a lot of you would enjoy reading as well.  So here are my favorite posts from this week.

This pantry makeover from The Chelsea Project will astonish you.  Chelsea had an amazing vision to turn a dark hallway into a light, bright pantry and executed it flawlessly.

IHeart Organizing’s Ultimate Craft Closet Organization will have you feeling all the organized feels.  I want to have a craft closet like this, just for looking at and people would come to visit and I would say “oh yeah, have you seen the craft room?”  and slyly take them to the craft closet so we could look at it in awe and wonder.  Yup.  That’s the kind of stuff I think about.

And this week’s blog to watch is TwoPlusCute, which just turned one year old.  She posted about the 15 things she’s learned in blogging for a year and it hit the nail right on the head.  It’s a great read for anybody thinking about starting a blog (or for any current bloggers, if you want to know that you are not alone in your experiences).  TwoPlusCute is mainly about matters of the home and is definitely a great read.

Is there anything great you’ve read this week?  Link it in the comments (self-promotion is fine).

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3 thoughts on “Blogs and Bloggers 2/12/16

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    Many many hugs and kisses. Thank you so much Christine for featuring my blog! 🙂

    1. Christine says:

      Thank YOU for such a great read. I always love your blog, but I must have read that post 3 times already 🙂

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