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How Building a House Changes Your Life in an Instant

Build a new house plot of land

This little plot of mine, I’m gonna make it shine! It’s official, Mr. and Mrs. DomesticallyChallenged are building a house right in front of that tree above. It’s been quite the experience getting here and I’d like to say that it was a great journey, but it seems our journey has only just begun.

While building from scratch is really exciting, it definitely has it’s downsides:

1) You don’t get to see the finished product until it’s…well, finished. You might look at the model, but the model probably has more upgrades than you plan on purchasing. Besides that, there are so many colors of everything to chose from: floors, counters, back-splashes, cupboards. How will you know if your color combination is going to work out well?

2) You can’t just close on it in 30 days and move in. The standard (at least in our area) is six months, and that’s if the weather cooperates.

3) Everything, every single thing, becomes about money. This is one of the most anxiety producing aspects for me. You would think that figuring out if a house is in your budget and the tax rate is acceptable, that you’d be done. But then there are small changes to the plans and then the upgrades, oh the upgrades. Everything has a price tag.

Currently, we’re in the loan process. One of the upsides of building is that you don’t close on the house until it’s about ready to move into. That means that for several months, you have the ability to improve your credit to get a better loan. Our lender recommended that we use the next four months to make some payments toward some small credit card debt that we have. Paying off two cards in full has the ability to lower our interest rate by a full point. That’s actually a ton of money each year and especially over the life of the loan.

But in that moment, our fates were sealed. The next four months are not just about my 2015 resolution of simplifying our lives. These months are going to be where we tighten our belts and really stretch our budget. Not only will it force us to simplify our lives, but we’ll have a financial reward that will pay off for the next 30 years.

It should be an exciting journey. Being a bit of a shopping addict all my life, this is going to be a true challenge.

Thanks to Nolie’s Place for the link up!

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2 thoughts on “How Building a House Changes Your Life in an Instant

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks Kathy! It is absolutely terrifying. The consultant at the design center told us that sometimes people freak out from all the pressure and yell at her. It’s sad. But it is extremely overwhelming. “Do you want this mirror or one of these 25 other mirrors? Do you want this front door or one of 20 other doors and what height do you want that?” I mean, our house is made of brick and we had at least 12 shades of red.

    I actually have an update post about picking things out for the kitchen here: http://sodomesticallychallenged.com/new-house-update-kitchen-budget/
    We’re still going to DIY a lot to stay in budget 😉

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment!

  2. Kathy says:

    I love the idea of building our next house, but it scares me so much to think of all the millions of choices out there for cabinets, floors, countertops, tile, etc. With that said, I would rather do it the way I wanted to rather than move in to a home that everything was already done. Good luck on your journey.

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