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Construction Update: The End is Near

It’s exciting times around here.  After the sad slowness of last week, this week has been rockin’.  There is something done to our house every day.  Some of it great and some of it a little shattering, but the house is almost done and everyone in the family is gearing up for a move next weekend.

So, check out this kitchen!  This week, they finished the countertops and we got our grey subway tile backsplash.  *love*  Surprisingly, trim doesn’t come already installed on the cabinets, so that still remains to be done.

Brand new grey kitchen subway tile backsplash in a new house.

Also in the kitchen, we have a faucet and the dishwasher!


Later in the week, we also got the stove and range hood.

Brand new gas stove and vent hood in  our new house!

But not everything can go smoothly.  We found this in two of the rooms downstairs.

mold in new house construction. Yuck!

Yup.  Mold.  The house isn’t even done yet!  We considered abandoning it, but the construction manager hired ServPro to come out to check every room and remove any damage.  They have some kind of system that checks the moisture content in each room to let you know if there’s a possibility of mold in the walls.  That lets them know which rooms have a problem.  They removed the trim, wall and insulation (which, as it turns out was dry and mold-free) then they run these huge green dryers in the rooms with problems.  The dryers ran for a day or two.

Mold abatement in a new home.


Then they came back to reinspect, declared us mold free and the walls we patched up and everything was okay.  Lucky for us, most of the mold was superficial and just on the baseboards, a result of all this Texas rain and windows that had at times been left open by the crew.

Patching mold damaged wall in new house.

Oh, and maybe you notice that after they patched the walls, we received our carpet (good thing they didn’t do it before the mold.  Eew).

Brand new carpet in our livingroom.  Fluffy and white.


The brick was *finally* finished.  Total time was 26 days.  Yikes.  But it’s done now.  Next, they’ll be closing up the holes between the wall and the ceiling of the porches.  This was the first time in a long time that we had made it out to the porch and it was breathtaking.

Red brick exterior on our back porch.


It was so peaceful out there, that I can’t get this porch out of my mind.  All I want to do is get our house finished and grab something to sit on and just relax.

The water view from our back porch.

And now for the big reveal.  The brick and stone is all done.  We’re still waiting on some finishing touches to the exterior flashing (that silver stuff), lights and landscaping.  But…..behold!

Exterior of our red brick house.  Almost ready!

We are so stinkin’ excited!  It’s all coming together and it seems so unreal to think that a week from tomorrow, we sign off on it and it’s ours.

Thanks for coming along on the journey,

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2 thoughts on “Construction Update: The End is Near

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    There you go: almost done! 🙂

    As for the mold, glad you guys caught it early. Amazing – in a scary way – how fast it formed. I actually paused half way posting this comment so I go order more closet dehumidifiers for our home.

    Did I mention your beautiful exterior? With all the brick and stone details? Love it. 🙂

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you!!

      We’ll have the house re-inspected for mold in the spring, but so far, so good, it seems!

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