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Construction Update – Second Week of May

Well, here we are again!  Another week and the house is slowly moving along…Very slowly.  Sadly, for the last week, our great state of Texas has been getting tons of rain.  That means that our bricking outside has stopped.  Boo!  Inside the house, not a whole lot has been going on either.  Here’s what has happened.

So, there was a small amount of brick that got done just before the rain came in.


Bricking the exterior of a new house.


Inside, railing and trim have gone up on the stairs.  The trim still needs paint and the railing will be stained, but it looks so much more like a real house with the railing!
stair railings installed in a new house.


When we checked in on the house yesterday, we were greeted in the garage with our roll of vinyl flooring.  You might remember that months ago, we fought to have vinyl in the entry and wet areas instead of tile.  Crazy, right?  Eventually, we’re going to rip out all the downstairs flooring and replace the whole thing with long tile.  By going with the vinyl, the demolition process will be easier in the long run.  And by not having the builder tile the entire downstairs now, we’re saving a ton of money, not only by not paying the builder’s markup, but not having to have that money wrapped into our mortgage and pay interest on our tile choice for the next 30 years.
Vinyl flooring for a new house.


The vinyl was being installed while we were there.  The entry and kitchen were done.  After they installed the floor, they covered it with this brown paper (like grocery bags).  I’m guessing it keeps it from getting damaged while the rest of the house gets finished.


New vinyl flooring installed in the kitchen.


Our dishwasher was also delivered, but since they haven’t finished fixing our kitchen island, there’s no place for it to go.


New dishwasher


The upside is that things are moving along and we’re finally going into the final phase of getting our mortgage done.  What a headache!  We have to provide TONS of information, some of which we’ve already submitted, some of which just needs updating (now that a few months have gone by since we started the process), and some of it is just plain crazy (letters explaining every. little. thing…..like, everything:  letters explaining the deposit of money from selling our house, a letter explaining the autopay on our Target card every month and a letter explaining various small PayPal transactions).

There’s rain in the forecast for as long as the eye can see, but many of the days have 40% chance or less, which around here usually means it won’t rain.  I’m crossing my fingers they can get the brickwork done quickly before we start getting any major water damage.  I’m anticipating seeing toilets, sinks and countertops soon as well as the rest of the paint.  Crossing my fingers this house finishes coming together soon!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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2 thoughts on “Construction Update – Second Week of May

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    That mortgage thingy is really sucking the life out of make things difficult for you. But the house IS coming along nicely; even with the rains. 🙂

    1. Christine says:

      LOL. Best comment ever. It is sucking the life out of us. But it’s almost done and I refuse to move again for the next 10 years.

      Of course, I said that last time we moved, and that only lasted 4 years…so we’ll see.

      Moving is a lot like childbirth: it’s awful in the moment and then you forget later how horrible it was and think “I could do that again. No problem.”

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