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Construction Update – First Week of May

It feels like things move so slowly on the house and then I come to write one of these updates and realize we are blazing along.

When we left off last week, the crews were getting ready to brick the outside of the house and the interior had received texture.  Since then:

The brick was started

Brick masonry starting on exterior of home.

Brick masonry starting on exterior of home.

Kitchen cupboards were added

Kitchen cabinets installed in new home

And the bathrooms

Bathroom cupboards added to new home

Trim, doors, closet rods and shelves were all added

Trim, doors, shelves and closet rods added to new home

Then the cupboards and windows were covered in plastic and the interior was painted.

New home construction paint

Next up will be floors and more paint.  One tiny snag in our construction story this week is that kitchen island.  It turns out it was framed incorrectly, so it’s being torn up and redone.

It will all come together.  Thanks for coming along on the journey!


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