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Construction Update: Wet Areas Galore

The details seem to drag on forever.  While the foundation and frame went up almost instantaneously, the smaller pieces inside seem to just slog along and not surprisingly, our closing date has been moved….again.  There was some pretty good progress this week though.

Early in the week, the construction crew installed mirrors in the bathrooms.

Bathroom mirrors have been added to our new construction home.


And enclosed our shower.


Construction Update:  Master bathroom shower enclosure.


And they installed screens on all the windows.


Adding window screens to our new home.


Next, they put HVAC vents in all the rooms.  Officially, no more holes in our ceiling.  Also, the AC system is in place, but not pictured because it’s too muddy to go back there 😉


Adding AC Vents to our new home.


The front continues to be bricked….s…l….o…w….l…y….. You may remember last week that the crew ran out of our white stone.  It was supposed to be delivered either last Friday or this past Tuesday, but here we are on Thursday and not a spec of it in sight.  So the house just sits like this.


Brick and stone masonry is almost finished on our new home.


Yesterday, there was a lot of progress to wet areas inside the house.  The sink was added to the guest bath, and toilets and faucets were added to all the bathrooms.


Toilets, sinks and other plumbing are added to our new home.


The water heater was also installed.


Construction Update:  Water heater installation in new home.


More bathroom faucets.


Construction Update:  Faucets are added to our new home.


And most of the counters in the kitchen have been installed.


Construction Updates:  Kitchen counters have been added.  Now we wait for faucets and backsplash.


And our sink!


Construction Update:  The kitchen sink and countertops have been added.  Now we wait for the faucet and disposal.


We’re still waiting on the right stair railings and front porch light.  Later this week, we’re also supposed to get the backsplash in our kitchen.  Disclaimer:  I know my counters clash with the cabinets.  There’s a super awesome DIY that’s going to happen as soon as we officially own this place and I’m really excited to share the transformation with you.

Thanks for coming along on my construction adventure.


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2 thoughts on “Construction Update: Wet Areas Galore

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    It’s coming along great and the kitchen has great bones for a stunning DIY.
    Christine, aren’t you worried with the open doors? Is anyone guarding the site now that you have all those faucets and cabinets and tubs and even light fixtures, in the house?
    I do not want to raise your anxiety levels (not doing very well with that eh?). I would camp *in* until there are locking doors there.

    ps. The shower rocks.

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks! It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s done, I’m sure 😀

      There is no security! It drives me crazy because we already had our windows stolen once. I’m not only scared of things getting stolen, but just being vandalized in general. There is a ridiculous amount of construction in our area and apparently theft has been a problem. The police have stepped up their efforts to patrol the construction sites, but honestly, I haven’t ever seen one when I’ve visited and I stop by every day.

      We’re supposed to get the front door and all of our door locks today, so fingers crossed. And we move next week (gasp) so as long as we can make it another 8 days without anything happening…..

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