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Construction Update: Windows! Windows! Windows!

Building a house: Thermoply is added

This is what our house looked like at the end of the last update.  Notice there’s only 1 window.  There’s a story to that.

Our new house has 26 windows.  26!  It’s ridiculous, but we love it.  Our windows were delivered on a Sunday afternoon and placed in our garage.  On Monday morning when the construction crew came in to work, there were only 2 windows.  Someone came in the night and took 24 of our windows!  Grr.

Building a house:  A warning about windows.

But no big deal.  They’re just windows.  They got re-ordered and our house sat for 2 weeks, waiting for the windows to come in.

While it was sitting though, the construction crews were able to get a little bit of work done on the inside.

New home construction process: adding plumbing

They added plumbing.  This is eventually going to be a kitchen island with a sink.

The home construction process: Adding tubs and showers

They added tubs and showers, but interestingly, not sinks and toilets.  Those come later.  They also filled each tub and shower to the top with water to check for any leaks.  I’ll spare you photos of that because, well, it’s gross.  The water is dirty with construction debris in it, which is pretty standard for all houses at this stage.

They also added gas lines, phone, cable, Internet, doorbell, alarm and electrical wiring.  All the wiring looks pretty much as you would imagine: various colors that lead all over the place.  They also added all of our duct-work and heating, air conditioning and air returns throughout.

Today was our first walk through (a pre-drywall inspection).  At our Realtor’s suggestion, we hired our own home inspector to take a look at everything and we’re so glad we did.  Even though the construction guys have been awesome, there were a couple of small details that had slipped through.  Now we just wait for one last window (backordered! Grr!).  When that window comes in, the city will inspect the house and they can start covering the outside and building real walls on the inside.

Building a house: The ups and downs, sometimes all in one week.

So far though, not too bad.  It’s nice to see it all coming together.

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2 thoughts on “Construction Update: Windows! Windows! Windows!

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    Someone came and stole the windows?! I am surprised by how well you are taking this.

    Your house is coming up nicely and fast. Smart move to hire an inspector.

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks! I was glad we had the inspector. It’s nice to know that there’s someone neutral checking everything.

      If stolen windows are the biggest set back, then we’re going to be just fine. It was a lot of windows, but since builder’s don’t have you close until the house is done, it didn’t cost us anything. We just had to wait for new ones.

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