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Construction Update: Dude, Where’s My House?

When we left off last week, we were getting floors (and rain).  The brick had started, but with storms throughout Texas, it was a little slow going.  This week, the  rain storms have continued, but the construction crews have slowly, but surely been getting the brick done between storms.

Starting in the garage, we’re now greeted with a breaker box.  It looks spiffy, but there’s not actually any electricity in the house yet, so we can’t get too excited.  However, it’s fully labeled already which makes me insanely happy (it’s the small things in life that matter most).

Labeled electrical breaker box in new construction home.


Going into the house, feast your eyes upon this: brand new lights!!! Wahoo.  It’s finally starting to feel like a house.  The lights have been added in every room and outdoor lights are up on the areas that have already been bricked.


Lighting added to new house


On to the stairs and there are railings!  Yay!  But those are the wrong railings!  Boo!  So, where it looked like we had made progress, we now have to wait for the crew that does these to come back next week, rip them out and then redo them with the right balusters.


Stair railings and balusters.Iron balusters


Into the kid’s bathroom:  We have lights, cabinets and coutertops. Boo-yeah.


New bathroom cabinets, counters and lights.


Into the master bath, we have all the goodies the kid’s bathroom has, plus our shower got the surround.  


New construction master bathroom


Outside, they continue to brick.  We were hoping it would all be done today or tomorrow, but this morning we received notice that the crew had run out of our limestone for the trim.  Big storms are supposed to hit us this weekend, so who knows when this will be done.  Also, that little, bitty light at the top of our entryway is wrong.  It’s supposed to be a pendant.  So that still has to be ordered.


New home getting fresh brick

As for mortgage life, we’re still chugging along.  We’re set to close on June 5th, which is a mere 14 days away (according to the report from the construction site yesterday).  I don’t see that as a possibility.  For now, the entire month of June is up in the air.  We could be moving at any time and are more or less keeping the calendar open.

This next week should be interesting.  Here’s hoping the next update has a firm moving day attached.



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