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Dollar Tree Storage Haul (and review)

Dollar Tree Haul and review

It seems like Dollar Tree is on to those of us who are obsessive organizers. In the last few years, their inventory of organizing products has grown and many of the products are cute and a pretty decent quality. On a recent trip to the store, I decided to try a few things. Here’s my review.

Thing #1: This Awesome Bubble Bin

Dollar tree orange bubble bin

I’m obsessed with this bin. This little beauty is a fun orange color and the cut outs on the side remind me of blowing bubbles in the summer. It’s a pretty decent quality without a lot of bend to it. This was the last one at my store. I went back four times to look for more and finally found some in red, green and blue at a different Dollar Tree. So make sure to look around if you’re searching for it.

I choose to use this one to hold my microfiber cleaning clothes. I fold them into thirds and they stack nicely into the bin.

Thing #2: Jumbo Blanket Storage Bag

Dollar Tree Bag Fail

Yeah, it’s a bad picture, but somehow that seems fitting. These bags were in the closet area of the store. They had this one, one for sweater storage and some that were garment bags. I thought this one looked like a great fit for me since I’ve been working on organizing our extra bedding lately. So I picked it up.

Dollar Tree Storage Bag doesn't work

You would think that the biggest disappointment of this purchase would be that it was broken straight out of the package. Sadly, it’s not. The weird plasticy/factory/outgassy smell that came from this sweater bag was overwhelming. Sure, I could let it outgas for a week, but I’m pretty sure the fumes during that time would have made us all sick. No point in returning it for a dollar, so into the trash it went.

Thing #3: Cool Stackable Bins

Dollar Tree Food Storage Bins for toys

These little stacking bins are kept in the food storage area with all the tupperware-kind of things. In my opinion, these bins are one of the best buys you can get at Dollar Tree. They are smallish, close up well, stack nicely and are surprisingly sturdy. I have them everywhere in my house. This one holds tiny Pokemon toys.

Dollar Tree lunch bin for LEGO storage

This one holds LEGO Minifigs.

Dollar Tree food bin for medical supply storage

This one holds our “sick kit” of an otoscope, 2 thermometers & some Vapor Rub.

What are some of your best & worst finds at Dollar Tree? I’d love to know what everyone else is finding!

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