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February Construction Update: One Major Setback

A major setback in home construction that  can happen to everyone.

We’re building a house!!! That was really exciting to say a month ago when it became official, and I thought the excitement would wear off. But I’ve got to say, even though we’ve been working through the process for the last 3 months, it’s still super exciting to say.

In January, we signed contracts and went to the design center. You may have read a couple of my posts about saving money when building a house (kitchen & bathroom). After that, we thought the house would just pop right up, but no such luck. Since Texas is cycling through rain, sleet and just below freezing temperatures, we can’t get a foundation. Grr! At first, we thought this would be a one week setback, but we’re coming up on three weeks now with no end in sight.

Here’s what DID get done in February:

  • We had our first meeting with the first construction manager (another takes over when the walls are finished).
  • A frame went up for the foundation.
  • Pipes were laid.
  • Gravel (I think) was dumped into the foundation frame.
  • Re-bar was laid.

Now we just wait. When there’s a clearing in the weather, we’ll get the foundation and the rest of the house should go up pretty quickly after that! I’ll be sure to post progress along the way.

Have you ever built a house? What kinds of delays did you face?


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