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The Ultimate LEGO Organizing System

One of the most painful feelings known to mankind is the sensation of stepping barefoot on a LEGO. For many of us, those little bricks seem to be all over the place, just waiting to ruin someone’s day.

The Ultimate Guide to LEGO Organization

Toys like LEGOs typically end up on the floor because they’ve been in a bin or other container that has been dumped out. Kids don’t dump these containers just because they like their possessions on the floor. They dump these containers because they’re searching for something specific. Wouldn’t it be great if they could find items quickly, without having to resort to dumping the bin?

Guide to LEGOs

The system I’m showing you today was born from the realization that my kids were usually looking for teeny tiny pieces that would fall to the bottoms of their bins.

The first thing I did was get all those teeny-tiny pieces sorted. I purchased a small hardware cabinet similar to this one. Unfortunately, these don’t come in a wide variety of colors, so we spray-painted it yellow (back when my son had a Spongebob-themed bedroom). I got all the teeny-tiny pieces put away into the various drawers. At first, I just left it that way, but I found that when my son was done playing, he would just leave LEGOs everywhere. When I asked him once why he did this, he would say “I can’t remember where they go”.

LEGO Organized

Light bulb moment. I picked up these Avery sticker labels that can be printed on right at home (either via the Avery website or with a downloadable template). I then went to the LEGO store website, looked at the individual bricks, and copy & pasted what I needed into the template. Then I just printed these from my home color printer. It was simple and created a great visual cue for my son of not only where to find things, but where to put things away.

LEGO DrawerNot everything fit into the hardware cabinet drawers. For the big bricks and bricks that we just had a lot of, I purchased this large ArtBin Double Deep Super Satchel and this slightly smaller ArtBin Super Semi-Satchel. I love these two ArtBins in particular. They are extremely deep, have handles for easy moving and the dividers can be removed to make room for oversized items and collections. I used the Avery labels here as well.

Large LEGOs

LEGO Bin 2Minifigs and their accessories posed a special challenge. These things are accessed so often and most of the pieces are fairly unique. For the minifigs, I put them into a simple sandwich container from Dollar Tree. It latches closed on the sides for security, but is small enough to be easily portable.


For the accessories, I also turned to Dollar Tree. This little bin with dividers (like a mini tackle box) is perfect for holding all the accessories and providing just enough organization that nothing has to be dug through.

Minifig Accessories

This system has worked well in our home for over a year. It’s easy for the kids to maintain and even friends coming over can keep up with it.


What are some ways that you handle LEGO mess?

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate LEGO Organizing System

  1. What an awesome storage system! We are just getting to Duplo from the Mega Blocks, and I can definitely see how this is going to become necessary.

    Thanks for linking up with us at the Thank Goodness It’s Thursday party, Christine!

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you so much for hosting and stopping by!

      By the way, enjoy the Duplo days. Once they get into regular LEGOs, your feet are no longer safe! There are three levels of pain in the world: funny bone, childbirth and barefoot LEGOs.

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