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Organizing Your Child’s Pencil Box (and an Office Depot Haul)

This post gives easy tips to keep kids school supplies organized.

School supplies really bug me. I remember when I was a kid and I loved back-to-school time. I’d pick out a bright Lisa Frank binder (Velcro closure, of course), and I always had the Hello Kitty double-sided pencil boxes that had built-in sharpeners. I’d usually have an assortment of fun pencils, erasers and folders. School supplies were always a way I used to express myself and personalize my space. Nowadays, school supply lists (at least where I live) are so generic and restrictive! There’s no originality. You can’t get the pencil box with all the compartments because everyone is supposed to have the same box (which, in my opinion is a shell. There are no dividers! All your stuff just rolls around together).

I’ve been blessed that my 6-year-old is an organization-lover. She likes to have a dedicated place for everything. I knew the third week of school that she must have cringed every time she opened her pencil box, a mess of pencils, scissors, glue stick, and 24 crayons, all rolling around and mingling together. So I was incredibly happy when I found this plastic crayon box on Amazon. The problem: It’s like $8! Yikes! I knew if I could find it in store it would be much less expensive.

I began a crazy search operation. HEB didn’t have it. Neither did WalMart nor Target. Not at Hobby Lobby. Not at Office Max. Not on the websites for any of those stores. Also not on the websites of Office Depot or Staples. I nearly squealed when I finally found them in-store at Office Depot, and at a really reasonable price!

Use these Stacker boxes to keep kids organized

Office Depot didn’t have just the crayon box. I had to purchase the multi-pack (that stack in the center) which had 2 crayon boxes, 1 tiny box and 1 REALLY tiny box. Purchase price was $3.79! In the same section, they also had their own brand of stack-able boxes on clearance, so I picked up a few of those as well. The orange boxes are the “Pixie box” (3 to a package), and the light green ones are the smaller “Bitty Box” (4 to a pack). Each one was $1.99 a pack (though they were labeled $1.29 at the store. Check the price they ring up!).

Use these Stacker or Really Useful boxes for kids school supplies

The Bitty boxes and Pixie boxes are nearly identical in every way to the Stacker boxes. Even the sizes are the same.

Use these mini, pixie & crayon boxes to organize kids school supplies in the classroom

So now that we’ve got the boxes, let’s see how the crayon one works out in the school pencil box.

Pencil box for classroom school supplies before organizing

Organize classroom supplies with plastic crayon box

The crayons fit nicely with just a little extra room

Organize school classroom supplies with this great crayon box

The crayons look great with the lid on. Plenty of space without the box being too big.

Keep kids classroom school supplies pencil box organized with this crayon box

I’m in love!

Organized school supplies

The finished project.

Now who would rather have the before pencil box?

Easily declutter classroom supplies

Before: Cluttered and chaotic. After: An easy to manage pencil box.

Do you do anything to keep your kid’s school supplies organized? What is your biggest challenge keeping their school things ordered? Please comment below (links to blogs, Pinterest and Youtube are totally okay). I’d love to know what works (or doesn’t) for you!

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