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Organizing an Entryway

Before & After Organizing Entryway

Entryways can be tough! Think about it: EVERYONE comes through, tracks in whatever is on their feet, and if your family is like ours, removes their shoes at the door. Without an easy system in place to curb the chaos, this spot can become a mess in a hurry!

Entryway before organizing

Our system clearly wasn’t working for us. Yes, it was a system, just a poorly plotted one. The need: a neat and orderly area to place our shoes. Enter: the Closet Maid shoe organizer.

Step one: clean your space

The first step in any organizing project is to clean your space. I like to think of it as an artist’s easel. An artist would never start a painting on a filthy canvas. Bonus: it’s hard to see the potential of a space when it’s not as clean as it possibly can be. For this area, I removed everything that wasn’t attached to the ground. Then I cleaned the molding, swept, vacuumed and mopped.

Set foundation of shoe organizer and boot tray

The next step is to lay down your organizing foundation. In this case, I used a simple shoe organizer that you can pick up from Amazon, Target or Lowes and next to that, I placed a boot tray that I found last year at Dollar Tree (this is for my husband’s shoes). This was a good start and could do what I wanted, but it looked boxy and weird to me.

Awesome Goodwill find for organizing

So I grabbed this cool ice bucket I found at Goodwill. Check it out: $2.99! And it looks shiny and new!

Use an ice bucket for organizing an entryway

Pretty cute, right? Oh, but what could I do with this?

Cheap umbrella storage DIY

Sweet! All that’s left is to organize the shoes into the cubbies.

That space next to the umbrella stand can be used for whatever you want. Maybe you have something to display. Or maybe you want to put papers or other things you don’t want to forget to take with you there as a visual reminder. For me, I put my purse there. It fits perfectly and keeps it easy to find.

That’s how I spent next to nothing in either time or money to organize our entryway. I’m happy to say that 4 months later, everyone in the family is still keeping their shoes organized.

What do you do to keep shoes organized? Does your family have a central place for them or do you keep them separated?

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