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Organizing Under the (kids) Bathroom Sink

It’s the Black Hole of the Bathroom; a clutter catcher on par with closets: Under the bathroom sink.

Bathroom Cupboard Horror

Under the sink is always so tricky! There are so many things you need to keep in the bathroom, and that sink area is tall and has pipes going through the middle. How are you supposed to work with that?!

Everyone is different. Every need is different. Some people make use of the great vertical space by stacking. Some people hang organizers on the doors. For this project, I wanted to go with something simple, clean & low in cost, so I went to one of my favorite places for small bins and baskets: The Dollar Tree.

The method for cleaning under the bathroom sink is simple: Remove, purge, group, contain, replace.

Step One: Remove. Take everything out of the space. Wipe down the cupboard and anything removed that needs a cleaning.

Step Two: Purge. Review all of the items and really think about them. In this case, we had a soap dispenser that we’ve not used in years. The paint is peeling off and it just doesn’t work very well. We’ve kept it around because it’s cute and we hope that it will start working, but when we look at the item realistically, it’s not worth the time and effort to keep it around anymore. Another part of the purge is figuring out what really belongs in the space. If you have something that would be better in another location, this is the time to move it.

Step Three: Group. This is where the main mantra of organizing comes in. Group like items with like items. In this case, I put all the cleaning items together; all bath items together; and all hair items together. This makes it really easy to figure out how much space you need for everything, and in the future it will make it easy to put things away and to find things when you need them.

Step Four: Contain. Look at the groupings you have made and match them up to baskets or containers that make sense. Think about what you really need here: tall or short baskets; narrow or wide containers?

Step Five: Replace. Now that you can see exactly how much space every grouping is going to need, start replacing them in the cupboard in a way that makes sense. In this case, I put the toilet paper and cleaning supplies up front. Hair items and extra bath supplies went in the back. Why? Because the toilet paper and cleaning supplies are regularly accessed and the hair and extra bath items are rarely needed.

After the Five steps, the area under my sink looked like this:

Organized bathroom cupboard

In detail:

Before and After under the sink

For the toilet paper, I used a large bin from Dollar tree. For the cleaning supplies & extra bath items, I used small bins from Dollar Tree. The hair accessories are organized in an ANTONIUS basket insert from IKEA (in the closet section). An old baby wipes container holds our lice kit and our little giraffe toothbrush holder rests in the back of the cabinet (his little head peeks out just over the toilet paper).

That’s it! This bathroom cupboard was organized for just $3!

What do you do to contain your items under the sink?


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