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Organizing With Pendaflex Folders

Easily organize daily paper clutter on your desk with bright Pendaflex folders and washi tape

Today, I’m sharing one of my very favorite organizing tools: Pendaflex Project Folders. I first came across these when my family was getting ready to travel out of state for a wedding. There were so many complex parts of the trip and reservations for every little thing, I felt I needed a way to keep it all organized while on the go.

So I purchased these Pendaflex Project Folders from Amazon, and they worked out perfectly. 10 folders come in a package, so I found myself using them to sort various projects: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Orthodontist paperwork, etc. Then, one of my best ideas ever was born!

Use washi tape to make super cute labels
I used washi tape and a label maker to label 6 of the folders: One for each day of the work week and one for the weekend. Now, once a week, I fill each day’s folders with paperwork that will be needed. Weekend folders typically have party invitations and directions. Weekday folders typically hold bills to be paid or cards to be mailed or paperwork that needs to be turned in. When I head out to run errands, I just grab the day’s folder and I’m ready.

This is not a replacement for a good old-fashioned calendar, but it is a tool that is extremely helpful in managing all that paper clutter that seems to come out of nowhere!

What are some ways you handle papers in your home or office?

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