Remedial Blogging: Plug It In, Plug It In

WordPress isn't worth doing without plugins. Those plugins make your site's world go 'round. Here are my 8 favorite plugins and how to add them to your own site.

Book Review: The Silent Sister

I picked up The Silent Sister after it popped up as a recommendation from Amazon.  The reviews were great: 828 reviews and an average of...

Remedial Blogging: The Look & Feel

The look and feel of your blog are an important factor in whether or not people will want to come to (and stay) on your site over and over again.

In a Rut

"Am I depressed?" The words actually surprised me and my husband's answer wasn't necessary. The stunned look on his face and the silence that followed...
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Mom Tech
5 Things to do when you change the clock (Daylight Savings) 5 Things To Do When You Change the Clocks
Using Daylight Savings time changes as a reminder for things you should do twice a year is a great way to stay organized! Here's 5 things you SHOULD do every 6 months.
The App Every Parent of a Teen Should Know About The App Every Teen’s Parents Should Be Using
Parenting teens these days is scary! As if our mother’s didn’t have it hard enough, today’s teens are on the Internet constantly. You can set...
The 3 Best Apps for Productivity The 3 Best Apps For Productivity
Where would be be without our smart phones? Really, for some of us, we’d be stranded. For me, my smart phone holds my calendar, my...