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Pantry Organization Product List

Tiered shelves in the pantry make everything easy to find!

In the interest of keeping yesterday’s post on pantry organization from being cluttered with links, I thought I would post this product list separately.  These are the items that I use in my own pantry.  Most were purchased at my grocery store, The Container Store or TJ Maxx.  For ease of use, I’ll be linking here to the products on my favorite online retailer, Amazon.

Note:  Purchasing through these links does give me a small commission.  That in no way influences my choices or recommendations.  If you aren’t comfortable with this, please don’t use the links below.

Pantry Bins
I have these Sterilite baskets in the espresso color, in two sizes.  I’ve also seen the grey color before and it’s beautiful.  These are made of plastic, so they clean up easily.  The plastic isn’t incredibly thick, but it works out just fine for the pantry.  You can buy these individually at the grocery store or here on Amazon in packs of 6.


Pet Food Storage Container
I really love this OXO Pop container for my dog’s food.  He goes through about 4 1/2 lbs of food every month and I find that this container holds the entire bag, minus one or two servings.  It’s sturdy and clear so it’s easy to know when I need to pick up more food.


Tiered Shelving
I have two tiered shelf units in my pantry:  an acrylic one I picked up from the clearance section at The Container Store a few years back, and this awesome adjustable one by Madesmart.  I really like the adjustable one because it can expand to fit your  space and also because it has cool grippy things on the top to help keep things from sliding around.  That being said, there haven’t been any problems with the acrylic one, but I guess peace of mind is what attracts me to those grippy pieces.


Shelf Liners
Shelf liners give a clean appearance to any space, but in areas where wire shelving are used, they’re also highly functional.  I love these paper liners from MacBeth Collection:  their papers are thick, sturdy and easy to apply.  They also come with easy-to-follow grid-lines on back to make measuring and cutting super simple.  In our wire-self days, I relied on Warp’S Ribbed Shelf Liners.  I simply hole punched the corners and used clear zip-ties to keep them down.


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