Professional Photo Sorting (Duplicate Removal)


It’s a common problem these days: We have all these photos from our phones, social media, computer backups & re-installs and inevitably, we end up with duplicates! You can sort through the thousands of photos yourself looking for duplicates, or you can hire me, a professional organizer to scan and remove duplicate files.

The way it works is simple: You upload all your photos to a private file on Dropbox and grant me access. I download your files, back them up and then sort through them, removing the smaller sized duplicates. I then re-upload them to dropbox with a note telling you how many files were removed, how much space was saved and any personalized recommendations I have based on the volume or status of your photos.

I do not share photos or use them for any public reason. I do not disclose any client info and your information will be private at all times. While I do my best to not review the content of your photos, if I happen to see a photo that indicates that a person or animal is being abused, I reserve the right to use my best judgement in potentially contacting appropriate authorities and disclosing any information that would be relevant to law enforcement.

Regular pricing is $25 per 500 files to be scanned (5¢ per file, USD). You will be invoiced at 5¢ per additional image uploaded to me. All files uploaded to Dropbox will be scanned, no exceptions.

Don’t know how many files you’re uploading? Right click on the file and select properties. Then multiply by .05 to get your cost.


Professional duplicate photo removal services

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