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Remedial Blogging: Making A Name For Yourself

Making a name for yourself when starting a new blog


Hello class and welcome back to Remedial Blogging. In our last session, we discussed the emotional toll of becoming a blogger. Your next step now is to decide what kind of blog you’re going to write.

The decision you need to make now is if you plan on blogging for your friends and family or if you’re blogging to gain an audience and potentially make an income down the road. This is going to be important because you’re going to be deciding on your domain name.

If you’re certain you’re only going to blog for friends and family to keep up, you don’t have to pour a ton of thought into this. What are your passions? What are you going to post about? If you don’t plan on trying to “make it big” as a blogger, I highly, highly, highly recommend creating a free site with Blogger. Blogger (BlogSpot) is the easiest editor I’ve ever worked with and your site is hosted by Google, so you don’t have that headache to worry about (more on hosting in a future post….or two).

If you even *think* you might one day want to gain a following and/or try making money from your blog, then you need to think long and hard about what you’re going to name yourself. If you call your blog “Christine’s Mom Life” and all you blog about is make up, it’s going to be hard for people to find you. At the same time, if you’re planning on blogging about make up but think you might want to blog about something else once in a while, you don’t want to name yourself “Christine’s Ultimate Make Up Site”. It’s going to make it hard to write those organizing and craft posts.

So, before you decide on a name, there are some soul searching you should do to get an idea of what kind of blog you’re going to want to write long term. Start by thinking about the blogs you already follow: What is it that you love so much about them? What are some things you’re passionate about? When you talk to friends, what kinds of information do you get excited to share with them?

Here’s a tip: when you’re thinking about what kind of blog you want to write, start a Pinterest board for blog posts that you read that you wish were written by you. When you go back to that board, you’ll have it all in front of you to point out where your blogging passion is.

Now that you’re thinking about what you want to blog about and a name that fits it, sit on it…I know it’s super exciting and you want to lay claim to your domain before someone else has the same great idea. I know you have all these post ideas and you want to get started, but trust me here. Just think about it for a while. If you’re comfortable asking close friends and family about the name, do it. And more than anything else, type it out and see if it looks right. Once you start branding yourself as this name, it is very hard to change it without confusing your followers. You don’t want to live the rest of your bloggy life with a name that kinda sorta reads like something unpleasant. It will haunt you.

This week, think long and hard about your blog name and the direction you want to go in. No pressure.

Class dismissed.


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8 thoughts on “Remedial Blogging: Making A Name For Yourself

  1. Nakisha says:

    I think the point you make about naming your blog is crucial. I started out as thefabricbakerdotcom and soon found out that although I loved sewing I did not love blogging about sewing. I had named my blog something way to niche and couldn’t really blog about pregnancy and infertility which are things that I have a lot of knowledge and experience in. I had to completely start over….it is good to make a wise decision when you first start out. I recommend writing ten or so blog posts in a word program before you buy a domain to see if you have a hard time being passionate about those posts before you commit. I thought because I loved to sew that I would love to blog about it and I didn’t.

    1. Christine says:

      That is an awesome tip Nakisha! I’ve had a handful of blogs, and I’ve never once thought to write out some posts beforehand.

      Thanks so much for sharing it! 🙂

  2. Christie says:

    Great tips, Christine! I really like the idea of pinning posts on Pinterest to find your passion. Awesome!

  3. Nancherrow says:

    Great tips! It’s amazing to look back at where I started more than 5 years ago, to where I am now. #evolution


    1. Christine says:

      You’ve done great!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love your insight about blogging it can be so resourceful for beginners and oldies alike. I am always reading about ways to improve and new ideas to write about.Thanks for sharing. Hope you can stop by this week for Oh My Heartsie WW.
    Have a great day!

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