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Saving Space in the Medicine Cabinet

Save space in the bathroom medicine cabinet cupboard with The Container Store

Last week, my daughter discovered a scratch on her finger. She just needed a tiny bandage for it. So we went into the cupboard in the bathroom to dig through the band aids. I opened box after box, looking for the right size bandage while my daughter had a full fledged “My-finger-is-going-to-fall-off-if-I-don’t-get-a-bandage” meltdown. That was when it occurred to me: I should really sort our bandages by size, rather than by character. With that in mind, I set off to The Container Store.

The Interdesign Med + Organizer from The Container Store

Six dollars later, I had the Med + Organizer by Interdesign. The organizer is slim and acrylic. It’s lightweight, but stable & sturdy and takes up a very small amount of space. Don’t let the small size fool you, this little container can sort a ton of stuff.

I started by going through each box of bandages, sorting out the small, medium & large sizes into separate compartments on the Interdesign organizer. When this was done, I still had space left, so I added in various creams & washes that were previously kept in a small bin on the opposite side of the cabinet. Everything fit perfectly and took up a fraction of the space! Best of all, I can now see easily when we’re running low on a specific size so there isn’t a huge delay in getting those little wounds covered!

Before and after cleaning up bathroom with The Container Store

Before and After organizing bathroom with The Container Store

How do you sort your kid’s bandages? Size, shape, brand, character or other? I’d love to know!

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2 thoughts on “Saving Space in the Medicine Cabinet

  1. Mary Denman says:

    It took me a few days to find the right bins, but I did and my medicine cabinet looks so much better!

    1. Christine says:


      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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