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Sewing Scout Badges

Sew an iron on scout badge

You can sew them too!

Today was Girl Scout meeting day, which of course means attaching badges earned 2 months ago at the last minute. I’m lucky that Little Miss doesn’t pay much attention if the badges actually make it on to the vest.

These little leaves are iron ons, but sadly, I set my hot iron down on the adhesive last time I tried to put these on. Oops. So now they’re sew on badges.

You can sew a damaged iron on badge

I set my iron on this. Oops.

Step one: thread the bobbin.

Easily fix bobbin winding mistakes

Stupid bobbin.

Tip: make sure your thread doesn’t have so much slack that it wraps up underneath the bobbin winder thingy.

Bonus Tip: If you do get it wrapped under the bobbin winder thing, that white plastic piece pops off to remove the thread. Knowing that I’m not the only person to fail this step somehow makes me feel better.

Sew on scout badges with sewing machine

Better and ready to go.

Got the bobbin wound up and all the thread where it should be. Lined up the needle on the edge of the green (right where it meets the blue). I pressed the machine pedal ever so slowly and followed the edge of the blue line all the way around.

easily sew scout badges on vest uniform

Line up the needle just so.

Tip: Pinning badges first helps to keep them in place while you position the needle.

pin badges before you sew to get placement perfect

Pinning badges holds them in place.

So, they aren’t perfect, but you can’t tell from the front. Now Little Miss can be proud of her hard work.

Badges are sewn in place

Hey, not too bad!

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