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Supplementing Your Income With Fiverr

Can moms supplement their income working online for Fiverr at home?

Moms are full of guilt. Overall, moms who work feel guilty for leaving their babies. Moms who stay home feel guilty for not contributing financially. I’m the the second group.

For 8 years, I’ve been blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes, it’s great: I get to volunteer at the kid’s schools, I’m always available when they’re sick or have an appointment, and things just run pretty smoothly. But besides the stress of managing the kids on their worst days, there are aspects of the real work world that I miss: feeling appreciated for my accomplishments, having a place to go every day away from my house, having daily contact with other grown ups, and of course, earning an income.

Let’s be honest, most of us could use a little extra income: maybe for savings, maybe for a vacation or Christmas presents. There’s always something that we could use a few extra dollars for.

So now that we’re in the Internet age, I’ve branched out and looked for work that I can do from home and is flexible so I can go pick up the kids in the afternoon or run a quick errand mid-morning. That brought me to Fiverr.

Fiverr is a place where people offer various services (gigs) for $5 each. These are typically jobs done over the Internet, but can also be physical goods. As a person looking to make money, you create your profile and then post several jobs that you’re willing to do for $5. Fiverr takes a cut of whatever you make and in the end, as of this posting, you earn about $4 per gig after Fiverr’s cut.

Creating the account was easy and about the same as creating an account anywhere. I uploaded a profile picture and then went on to post my gigs. So…what is it I can do?

The things that make Fiverr awesome for work at home moms.


Well, I can type. And I can organize. And I can modify digital files. I can even handle some organizing projects via mail. So I created various gigs and sat back and waited….and waited….and waited.

I think Fiverr is a great idea and I think that for people who have a skill that’s unique or have been on the site for a long time, it’s probably great. For me, once I hit submit on my gigs, I couldn’t figure out how to get noticed. Fiverr advises everyone to post a video about their gig on YouTube and they claim that gigs with videos get booked more often. I’ve been around YouTube long enough to know that I would have the same problem there that I have at Fiverr: How do I get noticed?

The downside of using Fiverr for work at home moms.

I’ve had my Fiverr account for 7 months and in that time, I’ve been hired 6 times for a grand total of…..drum-roll………$24! Four of those six jobs weren’t even services I had listed in my gigs. And while there are many gigs listed that have “extras” a buyer can purchase for more than the $5 (including the option to tip), those extras aren’t available to sellers until they have completed 10 gigs.

I’m not deactivating my Fiverr account just yet, but I have definitely learned that it is not a smart way to supplement my income. However, I don’t view it as a complete waste of my time either. I’m keeping my profile active and my gigs active. In time, I’ll get a few more gigs and if ever it becomes easier to get noticed, I’ll be there already.

Do you have a service you offer on Fiverr? Feel free to post a link!

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