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Taking Back

Girls: Take back your lives! What will you take back?Complacency. It’s a word that’s been on my mind lately. I’ve become complacent.

Years ago, I was single and I managed myself pretty well. I worked 2 jobs, handled a full time college course load, paid all my bills and made sure my car maintenance was done on time. And then, I met my husband.MrMrsSoDomestix

He’s great. He loves to cook and he loves working on cars. He knows a ton about tech and he’s super handy around the house. For ten years, I’ve let him take over all of those things. I no longer cook or work on my car, purchase my own tech or fix anything around the house.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. My car broke down. The heat gauge went all the way up and I pulled over to the side of the highway. And then….I didn’t know what to do.

I called my husband. 

He came and looked at the engine and we waited together for the tow truck. And I realized that I didn’t know if any maintenance was due on my car. I didn’t know when the last time was that I had any fluids done. I didn’t even know if our insurance had roadside assistance.


What happened to me? I’ve grown so comfortable in allowing my husband to take on the car maintenance, that I stopped paying attention. And I realized it’s not just the car: It’s fixing things around the house. It’s cooking dinner. It’s knowing what to purchase. Not only have I completely lost touch, but I am unfairly putting the burden on my husband to take care of all these things. He might have enjoyed taking care of my car in the beginning, but I’m sure at some point in the last 10 years, he probably would have rather spent a Saturday doing something for him instead of getting new tires on my car.

This is a turning point. I'm not going to stand by, helplessly becoming the damsel in distress. Girls take back!

This is a turning point. I’m not going to stand by, helplessly becoming the damsel in distress. It’s time to take back my life. I’m a smart, competent, independent woman. I can do more than kiss boo boos and make things pretty. When I am just as capable of taking care of things as my husband, we can accomplish twice as much.

From this moment forward, I’m going to bring it. I’m taking back my life and my independence and I will be a better wife, better mother, better role model. And, given that this should provide quite a lot of project opportunity, by default, I will be a better blogger.Stop being complacent! Use power tools like a girl!

Join me! Everyone has something in their lives that they’ve let slip. What is something you want to take back?

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43 thoughts on “Taking Back

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  2. Very interesting perspective. My husband and I have very different “roles” within our house and very different parenting styles with our children but it all seems to work out in the end. Neither my husband or myself are “repairmen” but could do some more things then we currently do. My dad and brother are both mechanics so we chose them over paying for services or learning for ourselves. Stopping by from Oh My Heartsie girls:)

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Thaleia! It sounds like you and your husband have a pretty good balance (and some great experts around).

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Julie says:

    Good on ya. I love power tools. Go Girls. Looking forward to co-hosting with you on Wordless Wednesdays.

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by! I love co-hosting with ya! 🙂

  4. Lynda Hardy says:

    Excellent post and wake up call! Funny how we have to relearn it now and then. Thanks so much for linking up to Awesome Life Friday! We’ll be pinning this – we’re looking forward to seeing what you have to share this week!

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Lynda! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment 🙂

      I will see you Friday!!!

  5. Andie Conn says:

    Seriously, I really like this post! I have been learning to “do things on my own” instead of always asking a dude for help. Thanks for sharing at the Oh My Heartsie Girl Link up party (:

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks Andie! It gets so easy, right? I feel like I lean on my husband for just about everything that I just don’t want to be bothered with. Poor guy!

      Glad to hear you feel like being more empowered 🙂

  6. Hello cute lady! I’m loving it. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for partying with us. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I love your linky! 🙂

  7. Emily Waugh says:

    I have I have recently become aware of the same trend in myself. I grew up working with my dad – a general contractor – and could use a power drill as a tween. I’ve laid hardwood floors and tile floors, painted just about anything, refinished decks – any number of remodel projects. And yet, married for 5 years now, I suddenly saw myself standing by and waiting for my husband to have the time to take care of general repairs around the house, rather than doing so myself. I was shocked at myself. Silly girl! No more.

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Emily! Wow! You grew up learning a ton of really handy stuff! I would love to know how to lay tile! What a great skill!

      What project do you think you’ll tackle first?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  8. Such a strong and wonderful post; I love it! Thanks for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again next week!

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Kristen! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  9. Oh my…this is definitely me! I’m not married yet so I have to rely on myself someone but I do turn to my boyfriend for a lot of these issues. Just like I want him to know how to put a dish in the dishwasher, I should be able to take care of these life issues, too!

    1. Christine says:

      That’s a great perspective. I wonder if I can convince my husband to be empowered enough to do dishes the right way.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  10. Rachel says:

    I’m still single so I keep up with all of that, but good for you for taking back your life and independence to become a better wife and mother. 🙂 It’s a good reminder for us single girls to remember to hold on to some sort of independence after we get married. Love the blog! 🙂

    Randomness With Rachel

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Rachel! I miss being as independent as you. I hope you find love and never lose yourself 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. You are right, it is important to have some self-sufficiency. Thanks for sharing at the Oh My Heartsie Girls WW. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Lorelai! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. ~ Carmen ~ says:

    Love love love this! I have reached a particular level of complacency as well but I come from a long line of strong women, so it’s not too late to take charge. Using power tools effectively would be a great asset to learn.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Carmen! Good luck taking back power tools! I love that you come from a long line of strong women! How cool!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Robin says:

    Your right we fall into these patterns of not thinking of the things our husbands do for us, and then we become dependent.

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Robin. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  14. Agy says:

    Oh, I think I’m falling into that trap too especially when it comes tech problems – PC failing, hanging, installations!

    1. Christine says:

      Good luck taking back your electronics! That can be tough with how technology changes. I’m doing the same thing right now. I just ordered a new laptop and when it comes in, I’m setting it up my way instead of letting my husband make it work his way. I know I can do it!

      Agy- quick tip on computer problems: Grab your smartphone and look up whatever errors your getting on YouTube. Seeing someone walk through what to do helps so much!

      Good luck!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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