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Taming the Master Closet (part 1)

We all have it: a spot where we stash things out of the way. Some people just have a junk drawer. Some have a spare room. In our family, we have the master bedroom closet.

Company is coming over? Pick up everything and hide it in the closet! Cleaned out the kid’s playroom? Hide the evidence in the closet! Picked up some Christmas presents? Better hide them in the closet.

It’s so easy to close the door to the mess and pretend it isn’t there. But after months of doing this, my master closet has turned into an episode of Hoarders. No, really. You can’t walk in it.

This video is the first in a series of cleaning out the master closet. We’re going to work through this slowly! Why? Because it is so, so hard! The closet is so full of decisions of what stays, what goes, where things will be placed, etc. It’s mentally exhausting!

Step 1: Pull everything off the floor of the closet. This gives you a good, clear working space so you aren’t tripping over things.

Step 2: Remove clothing that you shouldn’t keep anymore. This can include stained or damaged items, things that don’t fit, things that haven’t been worn in some time and things that will probably not be worn any time soon.

Step 3: Group like with like. In my case, I put all the sweaters together, all the dresses together, all the t-shirts together, all the tank tops together, etc. This really helped me to cut back on what I have! Even though I had already removed several items, when I saw how many of everything I had, I was easily able to remove even more! Something about having a dozen sweaters makes you realize you don’t need those 2 or 3 that are just okay.

That’s as far as I went on Day 1. On Day 2, I’ll get in to the nitty gritty of getting things organized!

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