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Taming the Master Closet (part 2)


Welcome back to Taming the Master Closet. At the end of day one, we had pulled out all the junk, removed the clothes we didn’t need anymore and grouped like items with other like items.

In day 2, we began to add the systems that will make the closet easy to keep organized in the future. For this closet, we added just a few things:

2 Richards Hanging Organizer found at Ross for about $7 each

2 Threshold hanging bars found at Target for about $10 each

3 plastic shoe boxes found at The Container Store for $1.70-$4 each

We hung the two hanging bars and placed various styles of shirts on them. This not only makes it easier to find shirts, but it also uses the vertical space of the closet and makes everything look cleaner. When your closet feels like it’s not out of order, it becomes easier to keep it from being out of order. If stepping into your closet is a stressful experience, you aren’t going to invest your time in making sure everything gets put away nicely.

Next, we hung the two Richard’s organizers: His & Hers. His holds hats, sweaters and scrubby clothes for working in the garage. Hers holds hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters and some bed clothes. We also used a few of the large square drawer organizers from IKEA. These are sold in multi-packs with various sizes included. I found that they fit perfectly inside of the Richard’s organizer, and since they aren’t too tall, I can easily see what I have without having to pull anything out.

We weeded through the old shoes and found only 3 pairs worth keeping: 1 pair of women’s tennis shoes, 1 pair of high heels, and 1 pair of men’s dress shoes. To keep the look of the closet clean and to protect the shoes while still keeping them visible, we used the plastic shoe boxes from the Container Store. The large sized men’s ones were just under $4 and the standard sized one (used for the high heels) was just under $2. There is also a very large boot shoe box that is $10 (I’ll be purchasing this at the end of the winter season).

Now that our systems were in place, we had a ton of space that had opened up in the closet entrance, so we made that a place for luggage. Large sized suitcases are standing vertically on the floor while smaller bags and backpacks hang from IKEA S-hooks on the clothing rod. This allows for much easier access then having the suitcases and bags stacked as they were before.

And that’s that. In a matter of just a few hours, spread over 2 days, I was able to take the closet from chaotic and cluttered to organized and functional. You’d be surprised how much more relaxing it is to find something to wear in an organized closet than in a messy one. It can completely change your outlook.

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2 thoughts on “Taming the Master Closet (part 2)

  1. cheryl seals says:

    hELLO, I would like to know where you can buy those closet organizers that actually don’t droop when you put stuff on the shelves ? I have bought several an to no avail they shelves droop if you put more then 2 lite things on them..I do have one that dosent that i got at a thrift store that has wood in the shelf part an is great but no name on it…The droopy ones are a joke an chepo..

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Cheryl! I know what you mean! Some of them are awful. The ones I use are by a company called Richard’s. They usually have them at TJ Maxx and Ross. The shelves on them aren’t solid, but they are reinforced across the front, which has worked out fine for me. If you need something sturdier and more shelf-like, I think Target has one that has some kind of insert in each of the shelves.

      I find the Richards ones to be great though: they’re sturdy and have mesh pockets on the side, and they come in a lot of colors and prints. I think they’re usually around $10.

      Good luck!

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