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The 31-Day Adulting Challenge: Week 1

The 31 Day Adulting Challenge

It’s been one week and it’s time to check in!

Monday’s weight was 163.8, so I actually lost 3.8 lbs.  Not too bad, but I’m not getting my hopes up: it could have been water weight.

I’ve kept to paleo and I’ve almost completely cut out coffee, replacing it with English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe teas (which are pretty delicious).  I’ve craved sweets here and there (okay, chocolate and cake…it’s always chocolate and cake), but those cravings have been short lived.  For exercise, I’ve done some walking around the neighborhood, but that’s all.

First 7 days Paleo weight loss

On the decluttering front:  I’ve almost got my inbox down to zero….almost.  And I worked with my son to declutter his extraordinarily messy homework area and his binders for school.  I also decluttered some stuff from our Girl Scout bin and opted to scan and shred old forms rather than keep them kicking around.

Doing things I don’t want to do:  I spent the weekend digging six inch deep trenches in the backyard so we can plant fresh grass where our yard was dug up to install the sprinkler system.  This digging and planting is going to go on all month.

I’ve managed to keep the house mostly pretty clean, which is pretty adultish too.

I’ll say that with the extra work and less caffiene, I’ve been going to bed just after the kids do.  I’ve been dead asleep every night by 10:30, which is making things a lot easier when that 6:35 alarm goes off the next morning.  I find that I can shower, dry my hair, get the kids ready and have a little breakfast and be out the door at 7:35- no pajamas.

Adulting is hard, but I’m hoping that by the end of this month, it’s going to be a lot easier.






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One thought on “The 31-Day Adulting Challenge: Week 1

  1. I love the idea of this challenge! I make monthly goals & check in if I have something I want to improve. There is usually one adulting goal, but never have I done a whole month of them!

    Stopping by from The Wednesday Round-Up.

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