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The Snackaholic Slims Down

I have a thing about snacks:  I just enjoy munching all the time.  Grapes, crackers, cookies, candies, anything small that I can grab by the handful.  This has been my downfall in the past, but with my recent 12 lb weight loss, I changed what I snack on and created diet success.  Here are my go to snacks.

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I’ve never considered myself much of a nut lover, but they’re full of omega-3 and iron, so I thought I’d branch out and give more of them a try.  What I found is that they’re delicious and super filling.  In fact, on days I was too busy to have lunch, I’d grab a handful or two of nuts and call it a day.  The ones that got me through were Brazil nuts, macadamias, cashews and pecans.  The cashews and pecans were great for my sweet tooth and the Brazils and Macadamias were extra filling and more nutritious.  It turns out that I like nuts so much, they have become a staple in our home.  I recommend roasted and unsalted.  Nom, nom, nom.

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Almond Butter

Sticking with the nut trend.   I was scared to try almond butter, but I decided it wouldn’t kill me so it was worth a little effort.  Low and behold, almond butter can be some pretty tasty stuff.  While I tried a few brands and consistencies that I didn’t care for, I found one that I absolutely loved:  MaraNatha No Stir Chunky.  Nom nom nom.  Sometimes, I just ate it by itself with a spoon.  I don’t think it’s truly paleo since it does have added sugar, but hey, at least it’s a natural sugar.  I’m eager to try a few of MaraNatha’s other flavors like coconutcaramel and dark chocolate.  I kind of want to try them all together, actually.

Knife and the appleFruits

I always love fruits and eat them daily.  This go round, I ate a lot of bananas, oranges and pinata apples (all strong sources of fiber).  I also added in some great dried fruits I found at Sprouts including juicy, organic, giant-sized grapes, unsulfured dry papaya and organic, unsweetened banana chips.  Oh my yummy!  The papaya especially made a great replacement for chewy candy.

12 lb weight loss in 1 month.  I ate eggs!


Who knew eggs could be a snackable convenience food?  I liked to have 2 kinds of eggs on hand:  Some hard boiled eggs for a quick fill up when my tummy grumbled and deviled eggs made with mustard and avocado for when I was craving basic junk food.  Both of these worked out great, the the deviled eggs don’t hold up as well in the fridge as the basic hard boiled eggs do.  Be careful adding avocado to your eggs though:  in my experience, the entire family will come out of nowhere to eat them all.

Those are the snacks that saved my sanity while I was dropping weight.  What are some of your healthy or diet go to foods?



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One thought on “The Snackaholic Slims Down

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    Every single thing you mention (except the fruit) are banned in our home. The Cute is allergic to them.
    Every time I see some delicious looking recipe or foodie suggestion that has nuts, I shake my – virtual – fist with pretend anger. 😀

    Dammit all the goodies I can no longer taste. Lol at the family attacking your avocado eggs. =D

    I don’t do diets. But I did lose about 30 pounds when I was in Greece without any effort whatsoever if you exclude shopping (though it took 4 months), so my lose-weight-advice is: go to Greece.

    In all seriousness, eat red meat and make muscles. It may not for everybody but makes for a beast of fast metabolism that works even when you are sleeping.

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