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The Use It Up Challenge: Week 1

When you have too much stuff, join The Use It Up Challenge

Ever clean out your freezer and find 15 bags of frozen veggies? Or open the pantry and find 12 boxes of crackers? We all do it! Over time, we somehow accumulate more things than we need. That’s when I like to do something I call The Use It Up Challenge.

It works like this: Find something you have too much of and vow to use every last one until you’re out!

This week, my personal challenge is to use up my vast collection of shampoo and conditioners. Over the last year, I’ve accumulated a huge supply of travel size and sample bottles as well as bottles of shampoo that I’ve used a little here and there and now they sit under the sink, half full.

Everyone has something fitting for a Use It Up Challenge. What will your challenge be?

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